MS 350 Soil moisture meter

Capacitive moisture meter MS350

Portable, compact, easy to use, and moisture readings are instantaneous.
Backlit digital display gives an accurate and clear reading even if you stay in dark conditions.
It will save time and cost by monitoring moisture and help prevent decay and decay caused by moisture during storage, therefore processing will be more convenient and efficient.
The moisture meter works with electrical resistance and has automatic temperature compensation.
Manual shutdown at any time. Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes from the last operation.
Data retention function, low battery warning.


MS 350 Soil moisture meter

Display: 4 digital LCD
Measuring range: 0-80%
Temperature: 0-60°C
Humidity: 5%-90%RH
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ±0.5%n
Power supply: 4x1.5 AAA (UM-4) batteries
Dimensions: 140mm×60mm×22mm
Needle: 230 mm
Weight: 175g (not including batteries)

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