Most laboratory equipment requires regular  maintenance to ensure that research results are valid and that the equipment is performing to specification. It is important to be familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations for the maintenance period. During maintenance, equipment is calibrated, spare parts are replaced and overall functions are checked. PSI Lab uses only calibrated test equipment and all service is traceable. PSI Lab laboratory equipment consumable service


PSI Lab can provide you with all kinds of consumables for your daily needs, be it pipettes, test tubes, dispensers, gloves, vials or cuvettes. We cover laboratory consumables for all laboratory fields and applications. We deliver only the highest quality products on the market at the best possible prices.


PSI Lab offers innovative high-quality instruments for use in laboratories. Whether you are looking for scales, pH meters, spectrophotometers or other instruments, we are able to offer you. We deliver laboratory instruments of well-known world brands with an excellent price-quality ratio.

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