AND 01 Personal dosimeter

Dosimeter AND 01 is a small instrument for radiation dose with high sensitivity, which is mainly used for monitoring X.B rays and i rays. Equipped with a white light OLED display, visible at night. There are two alarm modes of sound and flash, and the alarm threshold can be adjusted by pressing a button. The main technical indicators of the instrument are in accordance with national and international standards.


Sensor: 48mm Geiger counter tube
Measuring range: 0.05uSv-50mSv
Measurement accuracy: -17%...+25% based on 137Cs I
Working environment: temperature -20℃….50℃; humidity <95% RH without condensation
Size: Diameter 15.3 mm Length 108 mm
Net weight: 19 g
Battery life: 50 hours (continuous measurement, screen sleep)
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Charging interface: USB-C interface
Alarm response time: <10s

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